In addition to its lines, Liking is capable of producing products in private label

100 years of experience and a big productivity have allowed us to supply customers with private label projects , following the planning, the realization and the delivery of custom made packagings within only 40 days. The excellent quality-price ratio reached by our products has this way allowed us to be chosen by distributive chains of primary importance for the supply of private labelled candies

  • Choice of the recipe

    Study and development of the product

  • Choice of the wrapping

    Design and graphic solutions

  • Choice of the packaging

    Optimal dimensions and
    solutions for the pack

  • Choice of the box

    for the distribution

We are capable of interpreting at the best the client's needs thanks to a wide range of products, supporting and sustaining him from the beginning to the finished product. We don't consider this a simple third party production, but on the opposite, we value it as a worthy acknowledgment of the quality of our products and of the reliability of our job.