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Liking S.p.A. produces candies, toffees and jellies from 1920 when was founded with the name "Dolcificio Corno" from Giuseppe Corno.
The obligation and passion of three generations have led a little laboratory to became an industrial reality of primary importance: in 1998 was inaugurated  the new seat of 16000 mq .
The most advanced production plant is characterized by an impressive daily production of 22 tons and 8tons respectively of hard and filled candies and toffees.


Liking S.p.A. is certified IFS with rating HIGHER LEVEL. The STANDARD IFS (International Food Standard) has the main aim to promote the screening of  food suppliers working for private labels, based on their ability to offer safety products, conforms to contract specifications and legal requirements. This represent a model known in Europe and also in the rest of the world. IFS is one of the standards of food safety approved from Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), wich aim is to reinforce and promote food safety to every part of supply chain.

The requirements imposed by the Standard referred to quality managment sistems,   HACCP methodology, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice). The target is to assure the observation of food safety and quality requirements moreover the implementation of legal standards .

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